Friday, November 05, 2010

Don't wash your jeans

How far will you go for sustainability? Levi Strauss, the jeans maker, says real jeans afficianados don't wash their jeans so sustainability is easy.

In fact, not washing jeans is a key step in greening up Levi Strauss, since washing is a major water and energy factor in the life cycle of a pair of Levis jeans. No problem, since Levi Strauss's sustainability VP says:

...true jeans lovers buy a tight pair of unwashed jeans, wear them for a while, and very occasionally -- maybe once or twice a year -- get in the bathtub wearing the jeans, let the water soak into them, then hang them to dry. That way, they mold to your body. What's more, you save water, detergent, energy and your jeans last longer by avoiding the wear and tear of wash and dry cycles.

Now since washing is in the hands of jeans wearers, Levi has some work to do. Maybe they should look at Killer Jeans' ad (above right) for inspiration.

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