Friday, November 26, 2010

Tuna canners answer Greenpeace tuna study

Hey, it's not illegal!

That's the response of tuna canners to the news in yestereday's blogfish post on the tuna mixup in canned tuna.

In other words, the law doesn't require tuna canners to tell European consumers the truth about what's in a can of tuna.

Note to tuna canners: so you think it's ok to tell consumers they're getting one kind of tuna, and then put something else in the can?

It may be legal, my friends, but it's not a good idea to mislabel tuna and you might want to fix that problem. Otherwise, the public will start losing confidence in canned tuna, and you'll have to do a lot of work to rebuild that confidence. Don't shoot the messenger.


Juliette from Greenpeace said...

Actually, it's not even legal. There's a European directive saying that it's illegal to mix two species of tuna in the same can: (article 2.2)
So basically, they're saying we should cut them some slack because it's hard to respect the law.

Mark Powell said...

Thanks Juliette, this is helpful!

orjin krem said...

If Wikipedia is correct, they use the same amount of base pairs as the wild type in spite of minimizing the functionality. (I.e. they have inserted a lot of non-functional DNA.)