Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Pacific Islands fishery collapse looming

More fish doom and gloom--this time from the people who manage the fisheries. Yikes.

Fisheries managers in the south Pacific worry that fisheries will collapse in the next 25 years unless fisheries are better managed. This bad news is in a report from the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

You've heard the bad news before, but rarely from the people in charge.

From a summary of the report:

After identifying both threats and opportunities, the study presents scenarios for the future and identifies seven key objectives for Pacific

* reform and build fisheries agencies for better services;
* maximise long-term national benefits from offshore resources;
* sustain coastal communities;
* feed our growing populations;
* support private sector winners;
* provide committed support from the top (leadership); and
* measure and monitor changes.

Will fishery managers listen to the bad news and respond? Oh wait, they don't have to listen, they wrote the bad news. Can they wrestle the bad fisheries to the mat and fix these problems? We'll see...


Dan said...

Whereabouts did this come from in the South Pacific?

Dan said...

Ok I obviously wasn't looking very closely.