Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Illegal fishing threatens bluefin tuna

Most seafood lovers know that fish fraud can trick you into paying a small fortune for cheap fish.

But did you know that fish fraud can do more than ruin your dinner party?

Fish fraud is a major cause of overfishing, and a new documentary just shown on BBC explains how this problem works for bluefin tuna, the most valuable fish in the sea and also one of the most threatened.

Through hook and crook, 1/3 of the bluefin tuna caught in recent years is illegal.

ICCAT, the fish managers who are supposed to handle this problem will be meeting soon in Paris. Will these revelations shame them into action? This problem could easily be solved if the fishing nations of the world work together with a serious commitment to solutions.

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Anonymous said...

can u tell me more about the oil spill's effect on the blue fin tuna?