Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's right with Kansas

Quoting Randy Olsen, in The Benshi:


A tornado wiped it (Greensburg, Kansas) out. Within a week the town planners made the commitment to “rebuild green.” We visited it in September and shot some video. I put together this little 3 minute piece that hits on a few of the basics. My buddy Jeff King, who actually grew up in Greensburg, lined up our visit. M.I.T. professor John Sterman, co-founder of the Climate Interactive Project, came out from Boston to join the expedition. My buddies Ed Leydecker and Tim Lamar of Wide Awake Films in Kansas City came down to film it.John McEuen provided some of his excellent bluegrass music. Joe Romm premiered it on his blog, Climate Progress. And presto.

I think the story that’s emerging is amazing — that while all the climate folks and climate skeptics bicker back and forth, the good people of Kansas are hard at work actually DOING something about energy and carbon emissions.

I love people who actually DO things. Yay Kansas! Yay Greensburg!"

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