Monday, January 10, 2011

Overfishing ends in the US

That's right, overfishing is no longer a problem in the US. This good news comes from fisheries scientist Steve Murawski. I know Dr. Murawski and if he says it, I believe it.

I worked on the 2006-7 reform of US fishing laws and this was an important goal, it's amazing to see the reforms working. Thanks need to go to many people, but especially US Senate staff member Margaret Spring for leading the reform, and the late US Senator Ted Stevens (Republican) for being a conservative champion of responsible fishing.

This is a monumental success, overfishing has been a problem in the US for at least a century.


Tracy said...

There have been many articles in National Geographic lately about the fishing industry around the world.
It seems the US has learned the lesson of what happens when you overfish. It is too bad that Japan and other Asian countries have not learned this. While it is one thing to fish to feed the people it is another to be wasteful with what you take.

Anonymous said...

Really? That's it? No more overfishing? Seems too contrite, neat, but that may be generally skeptical.

Anonymous said...

This clearly isn't true -

There's no way overfishing will end in 2011 for all those stocks with overfishing on the map. Why hasn't there been more press calling Murawski's bluff?