Monday, January 17, 2011

Sharks patrolling flooded city streets?

Is it bull, or is it real? Could there really be sharks circling a butcher shop 30 km inland from the ocean following the Brisbane (Australia) floods?

Evidence of bull sharks swimming up flooded city streets seems real, but the stories of feeding behavior are probably over-hyped.

It's common to find fish in strange places during a flood, including in normally dry fields. Fish can invade fields to escape the fast flow in flooded and roaring river channels.

But I wouldn't waste my time worrying about being attacked by a nutter shark. They're probably just lost and confused and looking for a way back to the familiar ocean.


Al Dove said...

Nothing weird about bull sharks inland from Brisbane at all; its one of those rare places where bulls go a long way up rivers into freshwater. There's even supposed to be a landlocked population in Wivenhoe Dam. I can't speak to the feeding behaviour, but seeing bulls associated with this flooding event rings true with the biology of that species in that particular river.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of instances were Horses and cattle have been attacked by Bull Sharks of up to 3 metres in length in small freshwater creeks!