Thursday, January 20, 2011

TV show spurs sustainable seafood sales

I was in London last week, and I got to watch "Hugh's Fish Fight" on TV.

It's a series of 3 shows that critique bad fishing, attack the root causes in bad management, and suggest that consumers join the campaign against bad fishing by eating more sustainbly. Good stuff, and engaging TV.

Well...who knew that Fish Fight would spur sales of more sustainable fish in Britain? This is good, effective advocacy TV. Go Hugh!

The issues he raises are important, the presentation was good, and it wasn't dumbed-down for TV. I'm impressed. Of course, it is British TV and not American TV. BTW, Swiss TV is good too, take note of A Bon Entendeur in french on TSR, and in particular their recent show on sustainable sushi with a fantastic special guest.

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