Thursday, September 25, 2008

John McCain says fish love oil rigs

Here's John McCain talking about fish. There's some truth to his claim that fish love oil rigs, and it is great to see fish mentioned on the Presidential stage.

But watch the rest of this clip and see a Fox News report on how well the oil infrastructure held up under stormy weather, along with a personal endorsement of the message by a fish at the end.

Hat tip: Effect Measure


PSM said...

The term for things not going together is Oil and Water nuff said.

McCain is out of touch with what we need now he is living in 1980

Anonymous said...

haha! that is a hilarious statement... wow, ummm.... Johnny boy needs to get in touch with the real world???

mark said...

That is why Mr McCain is advocating the upgrading of our oil rigs in the gulf, something that realists have not been able to accomplish thanks to the "Vegan crowd".

Alex Peter said...

It's a political saying. However it’s an interesting report by fox news. Thanks for sharing in blog.
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Chase said...


TruthAdmin said...

If McCain and Palin have their way, American beach goers will have a wonderful view of rows upon rows of Oil Rigs, especially in California. And I suppose McCain will tell us how Marine life loves those oil spills too! Soon I will add links of pictures to the new Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco that just opened two days ago on my website at, since I believe one of the best investments we can make is protecting our planet and oceans.

Great blog...I love it!


Paul said...

Things that don't mix;


As for oil in general - loosing proposition no matter the angle. Unfortunate that it always ends up at the center of capitalism and politics.