Thursday, October 02, 2008

Climate change solved

There's now a carbon dioxide eating machine that can suck CO2 out of the air. And it eats more CO2 than it takes to produce the energy to run the machine. In other words, we come out ahead if we use it.

We're saved. Maybe, although there's a few details to be worked out like scale-up.

Naw, this can't be true. It would be too easy.


Derik said...

This sounds like a prescription drug: more side effects than issues resolved.

FS3 said...

A CO2 eating machine. . . hmmm. Let's say it works. Then, what does it do with the CO2?

It would be perfect if it ate the CO2 and created more energy with it. That way, it could possibly be a perpetually operational machine, yes?

However, what would happen to the trees if we took their breath away?

That is, if this machine really did what it is proposed to do.