Monday, October 13, 2008

Crotch lobster

Oh my. While some folks are hard at work designing new marine protected areas for southern California, others are shoving lobsters down their pants. Stealing lobsters isn't particularly difficult -- wardens say it's one of the most common poaching targets, after abalone. Either the La Jolla Conservation Area is working well, producing swarms of lobsters, or pickings are slim on the outside. NBC points out that California lobsters don't have claws -- true -- but they aren't called spiny lobsters for nothing.

Some may consider his theft its own kind of punishment, but I hope the judge throws the book at him for not having his required report card and taking from a protected area. Too often judges see poaching as a lesser crime, not worthy of the time it takes to hear a case. But those are our lobsters in his pants, and fines support the hard work of wardens catching those wildlife thieves.

photo of lobster checking out your jeans by Barbara Lloyd


Miriam Goldstein said...

Those might have been lobsters in his pants, but I bet he wasn't happy to see the wardens...

La Jolla Conservation Area DOES work really well - the borders are entirely outlined with lobster traps, and when I went diving there a couple months ago it was crawling with lobster. Of course it helps that most of lobster predators, like sheephead, are not well protected by a tiny reserve.

thegreymadness said...

I wonder if the B52's are aware of this?

Could this be a crustacian cure for chlamydia?

A spiny cure for the flacid member in your pants?

A portable form of S&M?

And is it the humans taking them or the lobsters hijacking land based creatures to find a less crowded marine environment?

When will we know?