Monday, October 27, 2008

Killers killing killer whales

The killers killing salmon are now killers killing killer whales now that we have attribution of a killer whale decline to declining salmon.

We love orcas and salmon out here on the damp coast, and we're very sad to see both of our friends going missing. It's especially bad that they're in the crapper together. With outsiders blogging about this, I was reluctant to dive in. I wanted to mourn in private But this awesome picture in the PI was just too good to not steal and now I'm diving in. Here goes.

The only real question here is whether we will get serious about saving our friends. Or will we continue to write lots of plans expatiating our guilt and doing too little. We can save them if we really want to. And it doesn't necessarily have to hurt our economy or otherwise carry a high price. We just need people to live their lives as though killer whales and salmon matter to them.

We see the killers killing killer whales when we look in our mirrors. They're the same killers that are killing salmon. What shall we do about the killers that are running free in our midst?

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thegreymadness said...

In my job I look after the killers that have been caught though I know there are many out there "in the midst" of us all, waiting to be caught by a different type of Drag Net.

I guess one difference between Orca and most human killers is that Orca kill to eat, kill to live, kill to perpetuate the species and whilst some may say we do the same I believe we mostly kill out of selfishness, self-entitlement, immediate gratification of a want as oposed to a need as well as all consuming greed.

And if memory serves me right, Orca were named that long before civilisation found them.