Saturday, October 04, 2008

The missing fish

Float from California to Hawaii and what do you see? If you went in 1958, you saw a lot of fish and NO PLASTIC! If you do it today, you'll see a lot of plastic and very few fish.

And that's a big stinking sad thing.

I can already hear the complaints: that's not science, it doesn't prove anything. You can't say that the fish are gone just from this haphazard look at the surface of the Pacific Ocean, at two points in time...

It's not science, but it's still a big stinking sad thing to float the Pacific and see more plastic than fish.

The most important thing this trip proves is what's in our hearts. If we can't just say it's a big stinking sad thing, then something is missing from our hearts.

We need to respond to Randy Olsen's video, comparing the two trips. Do we respond with denial? Or by feeling bad?

One response is right...the one that makes us redouble our vow to do something about our ocean. So that a raft trip in 2058 sees more fish than plastic. I won't be around to make that trip, but I want it to happen.


Derik said...

It's sad, to think that our world is slowly being replaced with the broken technologies of yesteryear, that something as deep and endless as the ocean is affected by the sour hearts of man, by the vanity of the human species.

Fish Whisperer said...

When will we learn. Once gone never to come back. Wonderfully sad post.

Chase said...

I hope we begin to fully realize our impact doesn't just affect our coastline, but the entire ocean that we share with the entire world.

From the other side of the Pacific: thanks for the great reminder.

nitin said...

we never learn from our mistakes ...
we dont realise now what we are loosing

Carennedy said...

I followed the junk raft blog a bit when I could. This video is a nice quick look at the reason for the junk raft's voyage.

Unknown said...

In the missing fish ,I am having one doubt where that the fish is missed , i hope that the fish will get soon For you .


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