Sunday, August 31, 2008

Candidates dropping Republican label

In Washington state, our Republican candidate for Governor lists his party preference as "GOP Party." Check out his website and look for the word "Republican." You won't find it, or at least I couldn't. Who does Dino Rossi think he's fooling?

Voters, I guess, since polling shows 25% of Washington voters don't know what GOP stands for, so it's a safer label than Republican this year.

One of Dino Rossi's ads is amusing: "tonight the Democrats have a nominee, and I agree with him on this: change is needed, but not just in Washington, D.C." Ummm...isn't he forgetting that his party's candidate is McCain?

He's not alone, he and other Republican candidates are dropping the Republican brand and skipping the Republican national convention in order to hide their stripes. He's says he's just too busy to go, but we all know he'd embrace a popular president or presidential candidate if he had one to embrace.

I know Washington is called a blue state, but this is surprising.


Anonymous said...

Apparently enough voters knew he Dino Rossi was though! Enough for him to only trail in the primary by 1.8% (and the Queen isn't even breaking 50%?).

GOP or not, voters seem to like Dino! = )

Anonymous said...

In the same way, those on the left don't want to be called "liberals", opting instead for the term "progressives", because the term "liberal" has developed a negative connotation.