Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fish is good brain food

Eating fish is good for your brain. This is hardly news, but wait, there is something new...

In a recent study, eating seafood helped to protect people from aging-related brain decline. The effect seems to be prevention of unnoticed mini-strokes (silent brain infarcts for you medical nerds).

What does this mean? Loss of thinking skills (dementia) and other declines in brain function can be a serious problem in healthy older adults. Silent brain infarcts seem to be a cause of dementia, and it may help quite a bit to eat lots of fish.

Cowabunga, I knew I needed a reason to eat another Dungeness crab, after the 2 I had yesterday and today (with the smoked salmon chaser). That's right, it's crab season in the northwest, and if you're not lucky enough to get some crab, too bad for you. I want to protect my brain, so I guess I'll have to go back to Central Market in Poulsbo to get some more crab and salmon.


Anonymous said...

My name is Jim O'Brien, I am the Seafood Department manager at the Central Market in Poulsbo. In these days of conflicting information that can be found on the internet, I found your insight into eating seafood refreshing. To hear someone with a sense of humor write about the benefits of eating seafood while keeping the explanation simple and to the point is uplifting. Thank you

Mark Powell said...

Hi Jim, thanks for stopping by blogfish. I love your seafood department, it's beautiful and I want to eat everything...but I can't because you have a lot. I usually shop at your sister store in Bainbridge, Town & Country, but I do stop by Central Market when I'm in your area.