Saturday, August 02, 2008

How to know that you've made the big time

You get email like this. I'm constantly being asked to review, endorse, and advertise products, websites and blogs. Sigh, guess it's just the price of fame.

Hi Mark,

I'm working with the online community team for an eco-friendly spirit and spent time checking out Blogfish to make sure it was appropriate for me to start a conversation with you.

I am trying to get the word out about this drink (called "VeeV"), and thought you and your readers might appreciate the sustainability efforts of this company.

Walking the Talk

VeeV was started by two brothers and is the world's first acai spirit. More importantly, a core part of the VeeV brand is sustainability. Here are some of the company's green initiatives:

1. They donate $1 for every bottle sold, which goes back to the rainforest where the acai berries used in their product are grown.

2. Everyone in the company either drives a hybrid, or is carbon-neutral.

3. Their distillery is the only one in the U.S. that gets at least 25% of their power through wind generation. Their distillation uses about 200% less energy than a traditional hot still.

4. VeeV is the only alcohol brand that is a member of Business for Social Responsibility. They are also members to several other green organizations like Co-Op America and Social Ventures Network.

The End of Vodka?

You might also appreciate that VeeV is not another vodka entry. Fact is, we are looking at a new spirits category altogether – just as clear and mixable as vodka, but devoid of all the superficiality vodka has bred over the last decade. What superficiality, you ask? Just check out the to see what I mean!

We'll Send You a Bottle

We are giving a few lucky bloggers a free bottle of VeeV to try for themselves, give to friends, or use to run a contest for loyal readers. Let me know if you are interested in receiving this free sample, and we will send it directly to you.

Spread the Word

TheEndOfVodka is also mobile. Check out our Facebook page or befriend a vodkabot on MySpace.

On a more personal note, I hope this email is not offensive to you. I maintain my own personal blog, and am familiar with the annoyance of spammy messaging. If you have ideas on how VeeV or might be able to promote your blog or better contribute to your interests – please be sure to let me know.

With Appreciation,

Wendy Ricci

ROOM 214, INC. on behalf of VeeV


Kevin Zelnio said...

What, no bottle for you to sample and write a review?? Amateurs.

Jives said...


Kev has 2 blogs. One of them is plotting the downfall of the spineless world.

I have a blog. I write eco reviews all the time!

Share the love, Veev. Contact me at