Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where's blogfish?

A King's ransom for anyone who can identify where I am on my vacation. Check the pictures and offer your guess. Actually, I'm betting that nobody who reads this can do it from just the pictures, so here's some hints:

4.2 all day

Check back later for the answer.


David J. Hirsh said...

Goldendale, WA? Whatever for?


Pepijn said...

Are you near Sam Hill Stonehenge in Washington, USA? :)

(a friend travelled to that area some years ago to visit some long lost family)

No idea about the peaches. Or have you been drinking peach-beer with 4.2% alcohol all day?

Kate said...

shoot... they all beat me too it.

Jives said...

I drove by that thing dozens of times going to college in Walla Walla!

That's awesome!