Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fishing, it's better than being in a war

Ethan Zuckerman reminded me of the great procrastination tool that is Google Insights. Using their search tracking tool, you can see what folks all over the world are searching for (unless they use Yahoo). So, I went fishing for fishing.

Most of the top ten countries looking up fishing -- fly fishing, fishing licenses -- weren't that surprising. The U.S., New Zealand, Australia, South Africa -- countries with lots of coast, popular sportfishing destinations, and commercial fleets. Then there's #8: Iraq. I suppose its possible that Iraqi citizens are using their intermittent electrical power to wonder how best to fish out Saddam's private lakes, but it seems more likely that American soldiers are missing the bass and grouper of home. So, we really owe it to them not to decimate everything before they get back.

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