Monday, January 15, 2007

White marlin an endangered species?

The plight of white marlin will test the mettle of fishing conservationists on the US East coast. A potential ESA listing may restrict fishing to save the fish.

What's a fisherman to do? The decline of white marlin is not in dispute, and the need for stringent action is obvious.
Some credible fishing conservationists argue against listing, even though white marlin need help. ESA may not be the best tool to help these fish.

But what's the alternative? Will anyone take the plight of white marlin seriously if they're not listed?

The experience of salmon advocates can be informative. Listing of salmon as endangered does disrupt fishing, no question about that. But it seems to be the only thing that gets serious conservation action moving.

All of us fishing conservationists need to decide where we come down...on the side of the fish or on the side of our fishing? What is more important?

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Anonymous said...

I say the fish are more important, but we should always keep fishing.

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Unknown said...

We must come down on the side of the fish, because as we all know without them we have no fishing!!

I am allways suprised how conservation is normally started by the anglers who then get penalised by the conservationists who seem to get the better press

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4 said...

What is driving the decline of the white marlin? What is the impact of the ESA listing?

People can't expect to keep up non-sustainable extraction businesses.