Friday, August 31, 2007

Blog Day - new blogs for you to consider?

Today is the 3rd annual Blog Day. It's a day for suggesting new blogs to readers, in hopes of exposing people to new ideas, new people, new news, and new Gnus.

Here are 5 blogs for you to consider, don't know if they're new to you...all have a subject as a starting point for doing more...

Biomes blog - biology and more

Cephalopod centerfold - cephalopods and more

Effect Measure - human health and more

Hope for Pandora - science and more

The Other 95% - invertebrates and more


Kate said...

great links!

I ended up adding two to my feed reader! Thanks.

thomas robey said...

Thanks for the link, Mark. Thankfully, dorid didn't crash my system. This is my first BlogDay. I will have to make a belated entry. Do BlogDay rules allow tagbacks?

João Soares said...

Hi Mark Powell
Your blog was nominatted by me in the list for the Blog Day
Welcome to Bioterra, Portugal
Best wishes from Portugal

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raviraj said...

Thank you so much for taking my comments on board....I am so glad I bought this app and so looking forward to the future updates

Unknown said...

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