Monday, August 20, 2007

Get naked for conservation

Hundreds of people took off their clothes to raise awareness of global warming. It was a chilly nude, since they posed on a shrinking Swiss glacier.

Few other than blogfish have the courage to bring you the frontal shot, Other, more demure types chose the rear view, and even then they only linked to the photo rather than showing it.

Artist Spencer Tunick got everyone to take off their tunics for one of his photos of nude gatherings in public places. It's an interesting and fun way to try to save the world. But it remains to be seen whether it works. Is it really the glaciers that everyone's thinking about?


Anonymous said...

Uhm, you still didn't have to courage to a high resolution version of the shot.. ;)

Seriously, interesting blog you have here, I'm glad to have it in my feed reader!

Mark Powell said...

Blogfish would go there but at my usual superficial level of search it wasn't available online in a high resolution version. Thus is preserved our family-suitable status.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for the family-suitable status. Here are some moving images from the same event, reminds me of marching emperor penguins.

Mark Powell said...

Thanks for the link and comments, I like the video clips.