Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lamprey, the other salmon

Most people think eels are icky. Maybe that's why the eel-like lamprey are the Rodney Dangerfield of fish, and don't get no respect. Maybe they'd win some sympathy if they dropped that alternative lifestyle thing (blood-sucking parasites).

While most people know about the sad decline of salmon, the even-worse decline of lamprey has escaped notice. Lamprey are in trouble in because almost nobody cares about them. Lamprey are killed by the same things that harm salmon, but nobody builds hatcheries or fish ladders to save the lamprey.

But there may be hope for these non-sexy fish. First nations hold lamprey in high esteem and are beginning to call attention to their sad plight. Maybe it's not too late.

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Anonymous said...

Its got to be more than the "alternative lifestyle thing (blood-sucking parasites)", after all the legal profession continues to thrive.