Sunday, August 12, 2007

Great fishing and bad fishing, the hows and whys

Ever wonder why fishing is great for some fish and lousy for other fish? Beyond the usual short-term problems like the (#*&$#($_+$# things just won't bite.

Carl Safina cuts through the crap and gives real answers about the hows and whys of good and bad fishing. In this great blog post, he describes two very different fishing trips, looks at them through the lens of a lifetime spent fishing, and states the plain and obvious truth.

Once again, everything we ever needed to know we learned in kindergarten. From "Fishing Without Limits" on Carl Safina's blog:

When we are stingy, something ironic happens: greed prevents us from getting what we need. If we would let nature recover, if we would leave some for another day, we would have enough.

As I often say, it’s OK to use nature; It’s not OK to use it up. As Robert Frost wrote:

“May something go always unharvested!

May much stay out of our stated plan.”

To take what one needs, rather than all one can take, means an end of neediness and the fulfillment of future desires.

This is a real fisherman talking about fishing right. Where have we gone so wrong that this sounds like a voice in the wilderness?

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Anonymous said...

but it doen't explain why is fishing bad, and how is it good!