Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to Boston, land of worst practices in US fishing

New England, land of the overfishing entitlement. Ironic place to have round 2 of the Best Practices workshop.

I'm re-reading The Political Brain by Drew Westen, good stuff on how to persuade. He talks mostly about elections, but it's applicable to any kind of persuasion. Leads me into a few thoughts on the New Atheists who are looking to smack around the religious right. Hmmmm...probably suicidal to go into the middle of that fight.

For those who think ENGOs do it for the money, try this on. I got crammed into a middle seat on American flight 818 from Chicago to Boston, 24 E between a man so fat he couldn't put the armrest down and had his own personal seat belt extender. On the other side was a LARGE woman with 3 times too much luggage, most under her (our) feet and seats. Yeah, I do it for the bling. Is this how Frank Dulcich rides around the country?

But speaking of New England and the overfishing entitlement, Drew Westen recommends calling immoral policies by their real name. And, to quote:

When you find yourself afraid to move for fear of being branded, you know you've bought into the other side's frame and you'd better sell your shares.

So the "rebuilding plan" for New England cod doesn't even end overfishing? And we conservation ENGOs are afraid to come out guns blazing for fear that we'll be called anti-fishing? What's wrong with this picture? I believe in seeking shared goals, but if they can't even be bothered to end overfishing, then where's morality and common sense?

And that's before we even start in on right whales... Deeply endangered, on 350 left on earth, but killed by lobstermen, who are putting 10 times too much gear in the water just to mark out their turf? And you thought we "saved the whales" in the 60s, right?

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