Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dog surfing contest in California

Pooch surfing hits the bigtime with a contest in California. Check out Bandit as he gets radical in the surf.

This event drew 47 canine entrants, and over 1000 2-legged spectators. Ever the favorite of canids everywhere, Fox brings you the news.

We've had surfing rats here on blogfish, now surfing dogs. Time for the real contest, who can find the most improbably surfing animal photo? Send your entries to me (see profile above right). First prize is outstanding publicity on this and perhaps other fine web media.

Come on people, dont' be shy. Let's see your photos of surfing cockroaches and banana slugs.

1 comment:

Hodad said...

saw lots of these pix on yahoo
my little Yorkie had his own boggie and I would put him on my long board in El Salvador
he would chase his frisbee into the waves and jump in the pool chasing his fav toy, he was nuts 6 lbs of dynamite, used to play futball with the police on Sunday on th beach oin front of my beach house
loved beer and weed, would ride on the tank on my 750 Shadow throught th street s of San Salvador
sadly he walked off folowing a bitch in heat after we moved to the country after the earthquake in 2001, he was not quite right after it
i figured the big dogs probably ate him
had him 8 years
oh well
see what chasing bitches gets you
glad now I am never married best to surf and dive