Monday, August 13, 2007

Open ocean surfing on BIG waves

Check out big wave surfing over a seamount 100 miles offshore, with the biggest wave measured at 66 feet.

The action takes place at Cortes Bank off Southern California, where the mythical 100 foot surfable wave might someday be found.


Hodad said...

for me, any surfing video is muy excelente
43 years and still at it
the MAIN reason, #1 I moved to and live in El Salvador,the most consistent spot on the planet due to the Guatemala trench
and to dive and fish
[women, well not so important, lol]

thanks Mark for this one

seamount, this time is the earth, then air,water, and the surfer providing the fire

Anonymous said...

The Cortes bank is one of my favorite destinations. I do underwater photography as a hobby and there is a fascinating shipwreck directly underneath that break. You can see the turbulence on the surface from that wreck in the video. I have been out there 30 times and i have spent 29 nights on anchor at that incredible place, but i only go when the swells are below 8ft. that is where they start to crest..

Thanks for the video.

thomas robey said...

I always love your big wave videos.