Friday, August 24, 2007

Ocean swarm threatens human life on earth

News is just beginning to trickle in...artesanal fishers gone missing...strange worms undermining oil rigs in the North Sea...a toxic plague carried by seafood...

Oh wait, it's fiction. It's "The Swarm" by Frank Schatzing, and it owned German bestseller lists for a year. One friend said the book stole 3 days of her life.

If you're into oceans, then pick up a copy of this 800+ page book. It's a techno-thriller with reasonably accurate ocean science and biology. And the plot...ocean animals start to revolt against human destruction of their habitat, and the oceans are winning...

Learn about methane hydrates along with the people who find themselves threatened. Consider how an intelligent unicellular swarm might use Pfisteria and polychaete worms to punish humanity for wanton and callous disregard of ocean ecosystems. Ride ocean-going research vessels with cowboy oceanographers trying to prevent catastrophe after catastrophe.

It's good clean fun, and if you're an ocean geek like me you'll enjoy it when everyone else starts to realize how important oceans are.

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Anonymous said...

Not everyone is a fan of the Swarm. Still, I am thinking of adding it to my recommended scifi beach reading.