Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cure for the plastic bag plague

Plastic grocery bags suck if you're a sea turtle. It's not hard to understand why, they look a lot like a yummy jellyfish.

With this in mind, I was enthused to swing by my local grocery store and learn the results of their recent re-usable bag campaign. Town & Country Market has been giving away resusable bags with purchases, and tracking the number of times those bags come back into the store.

I'll spare you the numbers except one. They've already avoided using 10,000 plastic grocery bags. Wow, that's a lot more than I would have expected. And they're still giving away more re-usable bags! Since plastic bags are forever, this is a real accomplishment. All thanks to one grocery store.

The world isn't saved yet, but I thank Town & Country Market for stepping up to do this one good thing. I guess this is one vote for behavior change as a solution to the ocean plastic plague.


Kate said...

You know I just caught them talking about the plastic bag problem on a videocast from Monterey Bay Aquarium. Most stores charge an arm and a leg for the reusable bags. I bet even if they lowered the cost to 99 cents they'd get a lot better response. I always keep my Trader Joe bags in the back of the car.

Hodad said...

as a founding memeber of a food coop in 1977, we always encourage the use of 'bringing your own bag'
so if you do it, it only raises your karma and do8ing 'mitzvah's'
again HEMP for bags among other things
it drives me nuts here in Myrtle Beach., all the rednecks throwing their cigs butts and plastic bags out the windows etc.
but then i get in their faces
just me, an old HIPPIE surfer boy

Viva El Frente!

Robin Noelle said...

Plastic bags are a problem here in Vallarta too - in fact, I took two out of the reef during a dive today! I wish more people offered reusable bags!