Saturday, August 25, 2007

Do dolphins have rights to endangered salmon?

Some Scottish fishermen would like more salmon, and they blame seals and dolphins for their lack of fish.

Now let me get this straight...people catch lots of salmon, destroy habitat, pollute the water, and then get mad about ocean animals eating the few salmon that are left? What's wrong with this picture?

Sure Atlantic salmon are in trouble, but there were once lots of dolphins, lots of seals, and lots of salmon.


Kevin Zelnio said...

"Powerful salmon of 10-15lbs that would have cost £30 per steak in a top London restaurant were swallowed live and whole in a single gulp.

And when finally sated the dolphins, sporting their trademark smiles, or was it a self-satisfied smirk, cavorted for the camera."

lmao, those conniving dolphins! First they steal hearts with Flipper, steal our money with dolphin/whale watches (and don't even bother to show up sometimes!), now they are stealing our food!? This is utterly preposterous, I demand an inquiry.

Anonymous said...

As my marine biologist friend used to say "it's not like the dolphins can hit the McDonalds drive thru instead." You've got options, people. Use those opposable thumbs!